Love that comes naturally

Mother is not simply a word but it is a whole universe in itself irrespective of species. She is the most important person in everybody’s life.

Her glory is beyond the description of words still i made an attempt to bewrite her essence in the sweetest and shortest way possible.

Magnanimous in nature… as she not only keeps her children before herself but also sacrifices her needs for the fulfillment of her children’s desire.

Optimistic regarding her children, no matter what the situation may be her child is the best one in the world and she always desires the best possible for him.

Tenacious defense whenever her children fall in trouble, not to forget a mother’s will power is not easily dispelled.

Halcyon in every circumstance, Beginning from the distress she bears when her child is in the womb to the pain during the delivery… from the sleepless nights and in the further upbringing of a child a female undergoes certain changes physically aswell as emotionally but she faces them all pacifically with a smile on her face without any complain.

Epitome of love and affection. In a world where relations are mostly based on self greed a mother is the only person who will love you selflessly.

Published by sumasirishathota

This blog contains original hand paintings made by me and they are also available for sale on order. The content is purely original. I am a selftaught artist.

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