Our villages

The soul of India lies in it villages – Mahatma Gandhi
      Everyone of us must have spent our childhood in villages and when we rewind the memories of the villages we become nostalgic and the time we spent in villages creates a beautiful and long-term impact on our brains. I think the upcoming generation are missing the village atmosphere. I would like to share how important are villages with some paintings. 
◆The birds and other animals won’t let you sleep past 4 in the morning. It is like they are mocking you as a lazy rubbish person. They are like your free health counselor.

◆ You can find animals relaxed, chilling and grazing in grasslands. They are fun to watch.
◆ You can enjoy the scenic views of green croplands or small pond with children playing in it….that you crave from wallpapers of “Village life”. 😉
◆ When it rains, you can get the real essence of the first rain instead of smell from city drains.
There are no fix working hours. Crops call you when they need you!( though they work really hard during some parts of year)

◆ You have to have dinner and sleep as early as possible. The doctors are the least needed here for health tips.
The water kept in matka which is inturn buried inside the ground is cold as well as sweet and scented.
Partying is not clubs, it is done by spreading charpais (a structure used for sitting) and sitting in groups and chatting for hours every evening.
Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh milk are available all the time. (Adulteration is not a fear).

They depend on trees for airconditioning.In village you are a part of the beautiful mother nature! you live amongst forests, farms, mountains, rivers, wild animals.

They stay active like a tiger and sleep like a hippo (No insomnia).They don’t live a slow life, they live a normal life as meant to be!

Life is long and apt, unlike us they don’t keep on waiting all life for some magic to happen!
Life in villages is a life well lived!

Published by sumasirishathota

This blog contains original hand paintings made by me and they are also available for sale on order. The content is purely original. I am a selftaught artist.

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