All is about living

If you are alive, healthy and happy you are not poor.

You can have poor health and may not drive a luxury vehicle or any vehicle and still be happy.

We all work 24/7 to stay alive … job or no job.

Jobs are financial slavery in the first place, forced upon the masses by failed economics.

We have a production system of nature being ignored for a destructive consumption system that creates fake value or wealth.

The result is easily avoidable value inequality.

Restore and expand nature … that’s the only job we humans need or should have.

Let’s better educate everyone, stop labeling one another rich or poor and get rid of fake value or wealth.

Fake value and consumption destroys real value and nature produces life sustaining real value.

Real Value equals nature which sustains all life.

This is indisputable and value, nature and life are inseparable.

Remember this all your life.

Published by sumasirishathota

This blog contains original hand paintings made by me and they are also available for sale on order. The content is purely original. I am a selftaught artist.

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