Magic of music

The earth has music for those who listen- Shakespeare.

If magic was something that makes me feel a tremendous rush of awe and wonder, then music makes me believe in magic.
Rather than what I feel about music, music makes me feel. There have been so many instances where music has been the sole reason for pushing me to do things.

It’s so intriguing to think about how music, in a very simple perspective, is just rhythmic notes and frequencies that hit our ear drums to produce electrical signals to our brain. But the kind of feelings it arouses and the thoughts that form when we listen to a certain, compostion…no one can really explain why it does so. At least I still can’t.

They say every human action is controlled by his/her fight to survive in this world. They even say that kindness and love is a survival trick. And for every action that ensures us more chance of surviving, sub-consciously we re awarded with chemical releases of dopamine etc so that we perform that action more.

But looking at music and art, one cannot but wonder how that helps in our survival. It’s maybe an existential cure to our loneliness or perhaps, a sedative that helps us to accept the harsh reality around us, but nonetheless, music- of all that mankind has created- seems to be the most selfless act.
Or at least, that’s how I feel.

Published by sumasirishathota

This blog contains original hand paintings made by me and they are also available for sale on order. The content is purely original. I am a selftaught artist.

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