How are forests made?

“Even a tiny insect has role to play in stability of our ecosystem” 
    We are one way or the other interlinked to the nature and our actions as humans decides the human survival rate on this planet Earth. I just want to share some known yet underestimated facts about how elephants make forests. I’m adding some paintings so that it connects well to the readers.
# As the largest frugivores (fruit eating animals) on Earth, elephants have unique ecological properties.

#Found in deserts, savannahs, and forests, they are the last remnants of a diverse lineage. Among the three currently recognized forms, African forest elephants are the most frugivorous, followed by Asian and African savannah elephants, although their role as seed dispersers is variable and context-dependent.
#African forest elephants may consume more seeds from more species than any other taxon of large vertebrate dispersers, defecating them over long distances in viable conditions into nutrient-rich and protective dung. 

#The dispersal of seeds far away from the parent tree maintains the high numbers of tree species in tropical forests. Trees depend on their fruit-eaters for seed dispersal.
#Fruit seeds consumed by elephants come out undigested with dung and germinate when conditions are right.
#In short, elephants are forest gardeners. The signature of elephant dispersal is evident in the spatial distribution of trees suggesting that elephants maintain tree diversity and retain low redundancy in seed dispersal systems. Large numbers of forest elephants ranging over large areas may be essential for ecosystem function. 

#The loss of elephants will have important negative consequences for the ecological trajectories of some plant species and whole ecological communities, yet the conservation status of forest elephants is catastrophic in Asia due to hunting and other conflicts with people.A forest shares a history which each tree remembers even after it has been felled- Anne MichaelsFollow the page for more posts. If you feel the information useful share it with your friends and family.

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