Most awaited season

The sound of the rain needs no translation- Alan Watts
The coming of the monsoons signals a relief from the scorching summer heat. Holding the hands of the summer comes the monsoons. Dark and gloomy skies are a common sight during the monsoons, which only signify the much awaited rainfall. Though the rains disrupts our daily schedule and causes inconveniences at times, the monsoon season is always welcome.
When the black rain clouds are embraced by the brawny rocks of the mountains, what results is an incessant shower of joy and delight.A time when nature in all her million moods pours down to fill the minds and hearts of her offspring.A time when new buds sprout everywhere relishing the many boons of heavens.
The monsoon season is a blessing for the farmers across the country as well as for agriculture. The whole of nature comes to life in a ‘sea of green’ during the monsoons. Despite modern methods of farming, the monsoon rains are a reservoir for the farmers and his fields, which inturn is the source of our sustenance. Beautiful flowers also blossom in this time. Dry rivers are filled by the rains that are a source of water for many across the planet.
People cheerfully partake in this carnival of nature, which for them is a welcome change after the long and sultry summer days. It is hard to confine oneself inside the four walls of a room during this season. For the farmers, monsoon is a promise of prosperity; for children it is the season of rainbows and paper boats. The rainy season is marked by alluring aroma of hot snacks that arises from each and every kitchen. The sporadic sunny interludes with a charming rainbow add to the beauty of this wonderful season.
The whole the blessings of the monsoons surpasses it curses and disadvantages. The entire life cycle on earth is connected to the monsoons. Thus the coming of the monsoons heralds a message of creation and the aroma of rain in air brings us back to life.

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This blog contains original hand paintings made by me and they are also available for sale on order. The content is purely original. I am a selftaught artist.

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