True essence of religion

Religion is important to preserve the conscience of people. People trust on people and get betrayed. People look up to society and get outsourced. People trust policies, laws and norms and still some get injustice. In fact, nowadays the greed, hunger for more and obsession for wealth has increased so much that even brothers kill brothers, couples get separated, families gets dismantled. Wars after wars have constantly tested human patience to limits. Apart from this, events like rapes, genocides, massacres, drug addiction has given every reason to humans to lose faith in themselves.

Despite of living In such a chaotic world , what prevents humanity from diminishing? The answer is “belief”. People need a reliable belief system which has no participation in any of the earthly events but have a much more unmaterialistic aspect to it. This belief system heals people from inside, motivates them to move on, inspires them to fight sorrow and despair, inculcates hope within them, answers their most intriguing and complicated questions and the most important factor is doesn’t demand anything in return from them. Such a belief system is called Religion.

People have forgotten this deeper sense of purpose of religion and indulge in fight over gods. Religion is like the Constitution of god and not the affidavit on the basis of which people tend to prove their god is the master. People also claim to protect their identity of god on the name of religion. But no matter how much you argue the truth is the master craftsman of this whole universe and various other multiverses is only one who has no identity and no form. And an entity, so powerful , a being who is the creator of everything certainly doesn’t rely upon us to establish his identity.

Respecting each others beliefs is the best thing we can do to save humanity.

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