Mangrove forest

     What we are doing to the forests is a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another – MahatmaGandhi.
The more we learn about nature, more beautiful and peaceful our mind will be. My painting depicts one of the most underrated protectors of nature including human lives …#MANGROVE FORESTS#
# I’m just sharing my knowledge about Mangroves with the help of my painting.
# We are facing frequent cyclones every year. Recently some states were badly hit by Amphan cyclone. So what is the role of Mangroves?? 

# Mangroves
– acts as buffer & reduce impact of cyclones & storm surge.- they break the wind force- provide habitat to animals during cyclone or otherwise- they reduce pollution. 
We just need to protect them.
So how it works. 
#Mangroves create a maze & dense habitat. #With species which are salt tolerant & special adaptations. #They act like buffer & consume the winds & energy. So after passing, the storms get dampen.  

#They are prop roots. (These are adventitious roots that develop from the large horizontal branches in trees, hang downwards and finally enter the soil. This gives them pillar like appearance).
#Additionally roots buffer against damage to coasts & enhance biodiversity & carbon sequestration.
Learning about nature requires more than a life time. The only thing we can do is to share our knowledge to the upcoming generation.

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