Beauty of Dance

Dancers are athletes of god- Albert Einstein

Culture is defined as our way of life.The tradition and norms which is important in every culture can be represented in a way of dancing and this is what we called cultural dance.Dance History is a part of World History. Studying the ancient/folk forms of dance can tell you about a society: What they ate, what they valued, social constructs, religion, climate, etc. As society developed you can also tell what was going on at the time: how history/current events affected art and society (the masses).
A graceful dance, colorful props and costumes, slow movements and the fastness that catches the attention of every people. Cultural dancers are story tellers, tells the story in every movements and sequence of their dance.

Every Cultural dances has a story that need to match the theme of their dance.This dance is different from other forms of dances, you cannot make a cultural dance without a story. It has a story behind the dance for the purpose that one culture can share or tell their culture from one another.

There are so many reasons why people dance!# When you dance, the muscles about whose existence you even haven’t known, work.

# Your brain works. To connect one movement with another you should strain.

# Develops memory. Remembering choreography is a whole art.

# Develops imagination. Especially when you freestyle or create a choreography.

# This is a release of adrenaline when somethings did not work and suddenly you have succeeded.

# Exercise your stamina! It takes a lot of patience to achieve results.

# We come back from thoughts about work and problems to the sensation of one’s body.

# This is one of the best ways of meditation.

# We become more sensual and liberated.

# It takes your mind and body both working together.

# Dance allows us to be completely in the moment and present with ourselves.

# We can express through dance what we can’t express in words.

# We dance for physical fitness. We dance for mental clarity. We dance for emotional stability and other such pluses.

# It’s about creativity and expression.

# Dance is the art of touch, kinesthetics.

# It shows how the body can become the instrument to engage music.

# We reach deep inside and find a very different person in ourselves.

# Dancing can tell stories.# Dancing kills loneliness.
These are some of the Indian Dance forms.

Will come up with world Dance forms in the upcoming posts.

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