Coolest creatures

In this article I was going to share some facts about two coolest creatures Tortoise and Turtle.

The distinction:Tortoises are land-only animals and do not swim. Turtles can be aquatic, semi-aquatic, or live mostly on land.

Tortoises and turtles in general have slower metabolism. They grow at a steady rate and hibernate. Tortoises, like other reptiles, are cold blooded, or ectothermic, so they need to ‘warm up’ by absorbing heat from their surroundings to keep active.

In winter, when food is scarce and the temperature falls, tortoises in the wild stop eating, their breathing and heartbeat become slow and they go into a deep sleep. The important parts of their body tend to age slower compared to that of humans and birds. They grow very slowly, which makes them survive without food and water even in harsh conditions.

For most animals, there are three basic ways they can die: disease, injury, or old age, which is also called senescence. Tortoises are the most famous negligibly senescent animals.
Also a natural healthy lifestyle is believed to cause the long lifespan. The longest-lived of all the turtle species, the Galapagos giant tortoise, eats a strict vegetarian diet that’s full of greens and free of fat and cholesterol. These slow-moving gentle giants are extremely docile and peace-loving creatures that generally live stress-free lives.

Why do tortoises live so long?

Tortoises live easily beyond a hundred and fifty years. The oldest lived 255 years.

The main reason is their physiology.. They breathe, eat, walk, digest food very slowly. Even their heart beats slowly, it is only 25 beats per minute.

They are so relaxed mentally and physically. These big tortoises hardly have any enemies in the animal world and their body shell protects them from natural calamities like wind, hail, rain and sun.

The Galapagos tortoises have a remarkable heart beat of only 6 per minute. So their lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, brain…no organ is tired enough to trigger a breakdown leading to death. These tortoise have an average life span of 170 years.

So learn to relax from them as hurry leads to stress.

Turtles can be important for dispersing the seeds of dozens of plant species. Some turtle species may even be the primary seed dispersal agents for specific plants. Not all seeds are destroyed by the digestive tract. In fact, there are specific seeds that exhibit higher rates of germination after being eaten and passed by turtles.

Some turtles, like Agassiz’s desert tortoise dig deep burrows creating habitat for other species. They can dig burrows over 30 feet long. The mounds of soil near the entrance of the burrows can create new habitat for some plant species, increasing overall plant diversity near burrow entrances. The burrows are used by hundreds of other species including spiders, insects, snakes, amphibians, other reptiles, rabbits, foxes and even bobcats.

They’re also widely beloved, the kind of animal you rarely hear of people having a problem with or fear of. They’re central to many mythologies and, as a first pet for many kids, they’re a gentle bridge between home and the wild.
They’re also a bit of a bridge between land and water, depending on the species.

Turtles are great scavengers, the garbage patrol of an area, eating up dead fish from lakes and rivers

ONE LOVELY THING about turtles is that they never look busy. They calmly browse the forest or sun themselves on a log, appearing to live a life of leisure.

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